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"We must hurry, if we are caught, they will keep us as prisoners!" Ambrose said to no one in particular.
"We know old man. Keep quite." Malistare responded. Sylvia nudged him to respect the headmaster. Faint footsteps could now be heard, and the Ravenwood staff started running. The smooth sand made little yellow dust clouds as they ran. Every once in a while Falmea or Greyrose would cast a small spell to keep the enemies occupied while the rest of the staff talked about making an escape, although Sylvia would be falling behind trying to collect some rare herbs for her newest spell. It was to late. The Lions had caught up to the Staff, and they were hopelessly outnumbered, and needed the help of a Balance teacher.
"Combine the elemental and spiritual powers to call Alhazred. He will know it is an emergency." Ambrose commanded. And so the teachers did as they were told. Falmea, Balestorm, and Greyrose made their elemental blades, and Sylvia, Malistare, and Cyrus created their spiritual blades. Ambrose protected the rest off the staff from the the lions. A reddish gray color was made to summon the balance teacher, and so the old Krokoptopian arrived.
"You cant do anything without me can you Ambrose?" Alhazred said with a grin. And so the eight wizards defeated the lions with ease. "Why did you even come to Zafaria Ambrose!"
"Malistare has told us a great dark force will rise on this world" He responded to Alhazred.
"Of course.... Listen to Malistare" Alhazred said. Malistare glared at him but kept quite.
"Well, we better be on our way then." Ambrose said, and they hopped onto their mounts. But what they didn't know, is that Malistare had left a full deck of death cards laying on the ground of the Savannah. For even he did not know the mistake he had made.

Chapter 1
Mom, I found a Death Trap

Ten year old Morgan was wondering the Savannah looking for plants she could use. Edible plants for her mother, who was very ill. She had picked up a few Magma Peas the lions generously gave her, and she found a few plants on her own. The sun was shining brightly, and to most, the heat was unbearable. But Morgan was raised in Zafaria, mainly in the Savannah. She was used to the weather in the winter, and the weather in the spring. She knew all the plants that grew in the Savannah, those of which are edible, and those that will kill you the second they enter your stomach. But today, Morgan had found something very peculiar. A set of cards, maybe Wizard Cards, that looked like they were worth something. Morgan headed back into her families house to see her mother in a worse condition than before. She was dying, and there was nothing Morgan could do. Her father had died when Morgan was young hunting for food one day.

"Hello Morgan" Her mother said in a croaky voice.

"Mother, are you okay? I'll prepare some lunch shall I?" Morgan responded.

"Its okay Morgan. But, I must tell you what you are to do if I pass away. You will go straight to the lions and let them raise you. They will give you food and shelter, and they shall care for you until you are 18. Then, they shall let you do whatever you want" Her mother said.

A tear rolled down Morgans cheek. She couldn't let her mother die like this. She clutched her mothers hand, and waited. Complete silence. Morgan remembered the cards she had found earlier in the Savannah. "Mother, are these cards worth any money?" Morgan asked.

"Morgan, where did you find these?" She asked Morgan

"In the Savannah, I didn't go anywhere, they were right around the house." Morgan responded.

"These are death spells, wizard spells. They are dangerous, but you will need self-protection. Tomorrow, I shall be gone. You will go to the lions, and show them these spell cards. They will let you train with Tse-Tse Snaketounge, a powerful magician. He will train you in the art of Death and Shadow. Just enough to give you self-protection, not to become a powerful wizard." She told Morgan.

Morgan couldn't take it anymore. She burst into tears hugging her mother. But her mothers heart couldn't take it either. And maybe she died hours earlier, or hours later, but Morgan's mother, was dead.

Why don't you tell her that i'm {leavin}
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The Darkness Rising.
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