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PostSubject: Hidden Darkness   Hidden Darkness I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 18, 2012 1:00 pm

Liam and Lila Porter were raking leaves outside, shaded form the fall sun of Oregon. They lived in a small, desolate area, just outside of Portland. They were twins, in the eighth grade.
Liam wasn’t the best looking. He had black glasses, ratty blonde hair, and blue eyes. He was classified as a nerd, even though he never got any better than a C- in school.
Lila was the most popular girl in school, with brown hair, always perfectly straight and shiny, green eyes, and a flawless complexion. She cared about her brother, and was always nice.
“Was school any better today?” Lila asked, although she knew the answer already.
“No,” Liam mumbled.
“They’re just jealous, you know.”
“You say that every day.”
And it’s true every day.”
“You know it’s not.”
They walked inside, and poured themselves glasses of Coca-Cola. Liam was still sulking. They sat down on their black leather couch, but before a word was uttered, the twins heard a rap on the door. Mr. Sumner, their school principal, was at the door.
Mr. Sumner was a balding man, with combed gray hair on either side of his head. He wore a suit and tie at all times. He had wire-rimmed glasses, and was just about six feet tall. He was sweating, even though there was little sun shining through the dense canopy outside.
“Good evening, Principal Sumner. What may I do for you?” Lila asked.
“I’ve seen something down the street, and I wanted to see if you’d check on it, since you like mysteries and all,” Mr. Sumner told Lila. Liam looked at his feet while he stood behind her.
“I’ll look into it for you, Principal Sumner.”
Liam and Lila decided to check it out the next afternoon. Walking down the street, Liam dwelled on the fact that Sarah Moon, his crush, would never like him, until he saw an amazing spectacle right before his eyes.
A medium sized, multi-colored portal hovered in mid-air. It was in the shape of what seemed to be a dilapidated circle and radiated an overwhelmingly strong magical feeling.
“What do we do, Ly?” Liam pondered the situation, but was reluctant to conclude without consent from his sister.
"Take it to the police, obviously."
"Like they're gonna believe us when we say that."
"You're right.... Let’s see where it leads,” Lila decided after a few minutes of thinking silently to herself.
The twins stepped reluctantly into the portal, unaware of what waited on the other side.
They landed on their backs in a forest camp, oak, pine, and redwood trees sprouting everywhere, with an ominous mountain looming off into the distance. Dark clouds swirled around its peak, which housed what looked like a large shadow, with glowing red eyes.
“Where are we?” Liam and Lila wondered aloud, speaking in perfect unison.
“Let me answer that,” Said a voice. Liam and Lila spun around to find the source of the voice. They were met with a face full of fur, and then both of them backed up to see a minotaur, with hair everywhere, sharp horns, a bull’s face, and a rancid smell, speaking to them. One that they thought only existed in Greek mythology.
“Welcome, travelers from a distant realm. I am Falest. You are in the land of Lamel.”
“Y-You’re a minotaur?” Liam looked at Falest, astonished.
“Why, yes. That would explain my massively hairy body and the horns on the top of my head,” Falest motioned his hands above his head and in front of his stomach to prove his point.
“But… But how could this possibly be real?” Lila asked.
“The same way your realm is real. Don’t try to understand it, because you never will.”
“May I ask then, why are we even here?” Lila was trying to gather as much possible information about this mysterious new place as possible.
“We have summoned you from your realm to aid us in the demise of Kormac, the Demon Lord,” Falest pointed to the ominous mountain the twins had seen when they entered Lamel through the portal.
“Kormac is an evil mage. He was one of the top students here in our village of Comala, about 20 kilometers from here. He studied in the school of pyromancy, or fire magic. One day, though, he opened a forbidden book, and performed a spell that took over his entire body with dark magic.
“He now resides in that mountain. Everyone that has tried to stop him has been unable to, and become a shadow to serve him, or, if they were unlucky enough to not meet his standards, crystals for his treasure room. That is why we need you, Master Liam, and Mistress Lila, to stop him and put him back in his eternal slumber once and for all.”
“How do you know we even have the power to be able to do that?” Liam inquired. He was doubtful that he had any power, except for the power to attract bullies.
“That is what I intend to find out.”


Falest lead the twins to a battlefield, in the shape of a circle. The canopy of tree leaves and vines was not covering anything here, letting light float in from the open canopy above them. The magical essence was definitely present and recognizable. Redwoods lined the outside of the battle ring, the bark of the magical trees glowing yellow, as if infused with some sort of magical light.
“This place is a sacred magic battleground, where magi of all sorts, and all practices of magic, come to hone their skills. You will be reading a simple light spell, and if you can perform it as soon as you read it, you are the heroes. The heroes we’ve been waiting generations for, the ones of the prophecy.”
Heroes? Prophecy? What prophecy? I’m not a hero… Liam thought to himself.
The twins studied the spell intently, and strangely, both thought it as incredibly easy. The fact was, this wasn’t a “simple spell.” It was one of the hardest spells in the book to master.
Liam performed first. He cast it perfectly, as well as Lila who followed.
“How… How did we do that?” Liam asked Falest.
“Because you are the heroes.”
“But… This makes no sense! How could I be special in any way?” Liam was astounded, and in utter denial at his newfound powers
“It makes plenty of sense, Master Liam. You are just that powerful.”
“I am not! I’m just some loser kid….”
“You don’t understand, Master Liam. We need your help to defeat the Demon Lord!”
“So, if we don’t, this whole realm will destroy itself?” Lila asked
“Unfortunately, the fate in store is one of annihilation.”
“Then… I guess we have to,” Liam whispered
“Thank you. To start, we must teach you magic. What kind will you learn, Master Liam?
“Lightning magic.” Liam decided. Lila chose healing magic.
Then, they began.

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PostSubject: Re: Hidden Darkness   Hidden Darkness I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 20, 2012 5:39 pm

After months, or so it seemed, of battle training, Liam felt as though he had perfected his battle skills. He had also decided to train in swordplay, which he had made exceptional. Lila had her magic down.
“Before we embark on this most treacherous journey, I have someone to introduce you to. She’ll be traveling with us,” Falest stepped to the side, and Liam was shocked.
It was Sarah Moon.
“Sarah is a gifted fire mage, and she will help us on our journey,” Liam looked away, because his face was red. “Let us be on our way.”
The trek up the mountain was a dangerous one. At the beginning, there was a gigantic Yeti, staring them down, which they had to defeat with their own power. The pathways were slippery, and there was no easy way out of it. Somehow, grass grew and broke through the ice in some spots, which was mysterious, but even more so was the fact that the grass was black. Lila could tell it was living, but it was black as coal.
As they were reaching the peak of the mountain, Sarah lost her footing while hugging the side of the large mountain. Liam used quick reflexes to catch her before she plummeted to certain death, more than 100 meters below.
“Thank you so much Liam! I thought I was going to be a goner….” Sarah trailed off. They continued walking in silence.
The peak of the mountain was the most ominous place any had been in. They entered a cave of sorts, and explored for a moment, picking up many crystals.
“What was that?” Sarah asked in a panicky voice.
“Stay back,” Liam ordered. All of a sudden, a large, black shadow with his eyes ablaze dropped in from above.
“Falest. You have finally come,” It said
“Kormac, we have come to silence you for all eternity,” Falest’s eyes bore into Kormac. He drew his double-sided battle axe and charged.
“Fool! Don’t you understand my power?” A shadowy hand burst from the ground and grabbed Falest.
Sarah and Lila drew their weapons, Sarah’s, a staff, with fire symbols etched into it everywhere. Lila’s was a short sword.
Sarah charged at Kormac, showering fire from her staff onto him.
“Foolish little girl,” Kormac then froze her in ice and surrounded it with stalactites
Liam had had it. He was silently summoning his power.
“What? The boy can’t save his hairy friend and his girlfriend?”
“I can. And I will,” A shockwave burst from Liam, freeing Falest and Sarah, and knocking Kormac on the floor. They bombarded him with magic, and he was defeated, once, and for all.

“This journey is far from over. This is just the beginning,” Falest declared, and with that, a roar was heard off in the distance, proving his point.

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PostSubject: Re: Hidden Darkness   Hidden Darkness I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 26, 2012 9:14 am

I love it! I can't wait to see more!

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PostSubject: Re: Hidden Darkness   Hidden Darkness I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 26, 2012 9:23 am

I love the description in the story, very well wrote. Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Hidden Darkness   Hidden Darkness I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 09, 2012 10:59 am

at first i though it was a harry potter story i was like eh bu after i read it i was awesome xD

I like ice cream :3
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PostSubject: Re: Hidden Darkness   Hidden Darkness I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 09, 2012 4:22 pm

Very well written! I can't wait to read more! Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: Hidden Darkness   Hidden Darkness I_icon_minitime

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